A versatile team

A team of about 15 people work daily on the maintenance, restoration and promotion of the collections of the Musée de l'Automobile Henri Malartre. Their various skills and different backgrounds all play a part in the maintenance of this automobile heritage. The team is organised in a number of clusters:

  • The Director’s office (Clarisse Despierres): whose mission is to define and implement the museum’s strategy in terms of collections, events, welcoming the public and managing the organisation.
  • The Reception and Security Service: with a staff of eight, is responsible for welcoming visitors and providing information throughout the exhibition. A technical officer is also present with responsibility for security and the management of the buildings. The reception staff also work on the maintenance of the collections and are involved in preventive conservation.
  • The Museum Workshop: the workshop manager and a mechanic are responsible for maintaining and restoring all the objects in the collection.
  • The Audience Development Service: the staff of two are responsible for promoting the collections through the organisation of various events (guided tours, workshops, special events, etc.) for all the different audiences (schools, adult groups family visits, etc.).
  • The Resources cluster: this department with a staff of six is responsible for the administrative, financial and accounting management and human resources of all the historical museums and associations of the City of Lyon and its two museums, Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication, and the Musée de l’Automobile Henri Malartre).
Équipe du musée Malartre - © Malartre, 2019
Équipe du musée Malartre - © Malartre, 2019